About Us

HARRISON HOLLIS® is a resort wear brand for women who love to travel. 

By providing eco-friendly mini collections, we seek to bridge the gap between having resort wear pieces and maintaining a minimalist wardrobe.

With an initial launch in 2019, HARRISON HOLLIS® was founded upon the idea that minimalist style doesn't have to be boring, even in the realm of resort wear. 

Beginning with our 2021 collection, each new collection will include eco-friendly options to help you pack for your warm-weather destination.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Founded and operated by a woman of color, we have a strong awareness of the importance of promoting and working with individuals from various backgrounds.

From the beginning, we have worked with photographers, models, and factory owners from diverse cultural and ethic backgrounds, and will continue to do so. 

To make a better effort with inclusive sizing, we are working on expanding our size chart to include 2XL, as well as petite sizing. 


Need to get in touch? You can email us at info@harrisonhollis.com.