Ethical Production

Dedicated to ethical production, our clothes are made in the USA by factories and seamstresses that maintain high levels of integrity. We are proud to say that safe working conditions and a fair living wage are not only important to us but are top priorities. Working with local manufacturers makes it easier to oversee the production process, as well as keep everyone accountable to high ethical standards. 

We also focus on limiting over-production and excess by remaining a small batch brand. In order to better our small batch initiative, we will be using a pre-order modal in the future. That means that the number of garments we produce will be based solely off of the number of pre-orders we receive. 


As with any life journey, we learn and we grow. We have decided to make a hard lined transition to be more intentional about the fabrics we source. Although some of our previous collections missed the mark, moving forward, we are dedicated to keeping the planet in mind when sourcing our fabrics. That is why each upcoming collection will be made of eco-friendly fabrics. 


For shipping, we currently use poly mailers that are made from 100% recycled materials. These mailers are both reusable and recyclable. Once it is time to replenish our shipping materials, we will make the transition to kraft mailers.

Please know that some of our garments prior to our 2021 launch are already pre-packaged in clear, plastic, apparel bags. Although the bags are recyclable, we will be moving away from using plastic to contain the garment before it goes into the mailer. We do not claim to be perfect but we embrace progress and continue to make necessary changes for becoming more sustainable.