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Harrison Hollis About the Fashion Designer Alisa Harrison
Photography Credit: Shawn Breeze

Alisa Harrison

With Southern roots, Alisa spent her early years watching her grandmother quilt and make dresses. She also spent time learning various arts and crafts from her mother. Ever since then, she knew she wanted to create. 

Deterred by concerned family who were unconvinced of her finding success in the apparel industry, Alisa went on to earn a Bachelors of Arts in Professional Writing to refine her skills as a copyeditor and proofreader. She also earned a Master of Business Administration a few years later.  

After 15 years in Corporate America, Alisa returned to school and earned a degree in Apparel Design and Technology. Shortly thereafter, she started working on her first collection, which debuted as the first collection for Harrison Hollis®.  

As a way of paying homage to those who came before her and survived the harsh realities of the "Old South", Alisa named the brand after her maternal and paternal great-grandparents' given surnames.  

In addition to designing for the Harrison Hollis® clothing brand, she also provides freelance services as a Proofreader, her first passion. In her down time, when she’s not sketching or painting, she travels abroad seeking the next great adventure. 

Alisa currently resides on the US Gulf Coast. Her life’s loves include her husband and all things Christian Apologetics.